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Penelope Rose Creative Workshops

When: 3rd Saturday of the month from 16 Sept 2023 till 18 May 2024


14 Oct 2023 Theme - Autumn Trees En Plein Air - Explore the ground and find a frame of reference for your scene of Autumn Trees.

18 Nov 2023 Theme - Interior Architecture, focusing 1 & 2 Point Perspective and sight measurement methods. Interior Observation - Find your unique perspective utilizing the approaches from the morning session with dry media in your sketchbook.

16 Dec 2023 Theme - Winter Robin, Pen and Ink with Watercolour. En Plein Air - Create observation drawings in your sketchbooks of winter birds in the grounds of Insole Court. Bring along a camera to capture reference photos to develop your sketches further.

20 Jan 2024 Theme - Misty Landscape, White Chalk and Watercolour En Plein Air - If you are able to brave the cold, take inspiration from the winter landscape. Or draw inside your sketchbook from inside the Mansion looking out to the gardens and grounds.

17 Feb 2024 Theme - Loose Crocuses in Watercolour En Plein Air - Seek out early blooms to observe and draw in your sketchbook, keep moving around the grounds to create a collection of quick studies and keep warm.

16 March 2024 Theme - Mad March Hares created with a variety of dry and wet media. En Plein Air - Seek out furna, a skipping squirrel, a hopping crow across the lawn, a snail on the trail in the community garden…

20 April 2024 Theme - ‘Beetle Friends’ Pen and Ink with Watercolour Wash. En Plein Air - Explore the grounds looking for insects and creatures of the foliage for your inspiration in the media of your choice.

18 May 2024 Theme - ‘Darling buds of May’ Blossoms, Landscape, and Architecture. Focusing loose colour washes and 2 point perspective. En Plein Air - Find your frame of reference and create loose colourful impressions of the blossoming foliage with washes, complemented by structural observations of the beautiful gothic style architecture.

Morning Session: 10 am till 12 pm, (access from 9.50 am). Location: Classroom, Motor House Down, Insole Court. Activity: Demonstration and Workshop Once a month we focus on a theme inspired by fauna and foliage, landscape and exterior/interior architecture. Exploring techniques using Dry Media, Pen and Ink, and Watercolour through step-by-step demonstrations. During the workshops you will be encouraged to find your own approaches and styles unique to you inspired by the demo and theme.

Early Afternoon Session: 12:30 pm - 2 pm Location: The Grounds of Insoles Court, or ground floor of the Mansion and Community Garden. Activity: En Plein Air and/or inside Insole Mansion. *If the weather is not appropriate for En Plein Air we will switch our attention to the interior of the mansion. Sketch and explore the ground’s fauna, foliage, community garden, exterior architecture of Insole Court with a range of media. With regards to observational drawing inside the mansion, use dry media only in sketchbooks.

Materials and Equipment: Good quality A4 or Square Sketchbook, Cartridge Paper 130-170gms HB Pencil, Charcoal, White Chalk, Colour Pencils and/or Pastels Eraser and Putty Rubber Pen and Ink and/or waterproof Finer Liners Watercolours pans or tubes Selection of watercolour brushes such as round No.6, large round No.16, and a rigger No.3 (or simpler) Palette Drawing Board A3, A4 or Square, Watercolour Paper Textured Cold Press 300gms. Optional - For En Plein Air, Camping Chair and Easel.

For a £3:50 cash donation - the tutor will provide equipment and materials you require for the session.

Please let Penelope Rose know in advance email [email protected]

Please refer to the dates listed for themes you will be focusing on.

*Please note: If the weather is not appropriate for En Plein Air we will switch our focus to the interior of the mansion.

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Penelope Rose is a Multimedia Artist, Art Tutor, and volunteer Facilitator for the Art Life Society. She takes pride in providing joyful and relaxed creative experiences to all who come along to her classes. She absolutely loves to tutor, meeting people from all walks of life and abilities, to enthuse a collective bubble of inspiration and innovation through creative play, step-by-step demos, skills practice and workshops. Demonstrating and facilitating fun informative workshops for groups and individuals is an important and essential part of her artistic life too; being able to share ideas, skills and help others to be creative is one of Penelope Rose’s greatest passions. Penelope Rose is a professional practicing artist from her home studio, Llanishen, Cardiff. She has been creating, exhibiting, supporting artists, tutoring for over 20 years. In 2002 she graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan, Cardiff School of Art and Design with a 2:1 Ba Hons in Fine Art and in 2006 gained a Cert PGCE in Further Education from the University of South Wales. Her interests are varied and expansive, with many artworks inspired by combining Art and Science, some of which are on permanent display at Cardiff University and University College London UCL. Penelope Rose is a regular Art Tutor for Valecourses, & Adult Learning Cardiff (Llanover Hall Art Centre) and Demonstrator for Art Societies, corporate wellbeing events and private groups. Feel free to visit her website - Reviews can be found on her home page.

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