2022: Our Fifth Year of Weddings


What we loved about our 2022 weddings:

  • Working with amazing couples and their families to realise the day of their dreams
  • No pandemic restrictions
  • A variation of sizes of celebrations
  • ...dogs at weddings!
  • Confetti
  • Cultural fusion (of friends and food!)
  • Live music
  • Wedding cake alternatives -donut underestimate the power of sweet treats!
  • Amazing food from Humble Events, our in-house catering team and our street food vendors

In 2022 we hosted 20 beautiful weddings and civil partnerships.
It was a challenging year in light of the hospitality crisis and changes in this industry post-pandemic and Brexit. What this year WASN'T lacking, however, was love, enthusiasm and FUN!

Our wedding calendar was stretched beyond normal 'wedding season', with January being our only wedding-free month.
We saw an increase in the amount of same-sex unions that we hosted, and noticed a change towards civil partnerships with some of our couples. These are all exciting developments in the industry proving that by now there are so many options for couples wanting to truly commit to one another and doing so in a way that suits them.

Our couples were also more conscious of the environment in 2022, and had more organic ideas about flowers, decorations and favours -areas in which there is often a lot of waste.

We also met (and continue to meet) our 2022 wedding babies on their visits to site, or to any of the classes we host-TOO CUTE! This feeds into the important sense of community and welcome at Insole Court and brings us so much joy as we continue to play a part in the lives of our couples.

The one thing that DIDN'T change in 2022 was how amazing these couples were. What an honour it was to have hosted 20 couples who truly believe in Insole Court and our team. Each of those couples has invested in the future of Insole Court and for this we are forever grateful ❤️

From our very first visit to Insole Court we have been absolutely charmed by the venue and the team. It is clear how important this beautiful space is to you all and that shines through in everything you do and we were so grateful to share the amazing building with our guests on Saturday - there were so many comments about how beautiful it is, alongside memories from local friends who had forgotten they used to do ballet here in the 90s, guests with a keen appreciation for architecture commenting on wonderful features and loads of people remarking on what a brilliant place it is for a party which caters to spaces for everyone whether they want to dance the night away or have a deep and meaningful chat.

Thank you for all of your time, effort, support and work to make our wedding exactly as we wanted it to be but even better. We felt so lucky to have you on our team in creating what felt like a really special and quite emotional ceremony as well as a brilliantly celebratory party. Many of our guests have said it was the 'best wedding ever' and of course we agree, biased as we are, but you really pulled out all the stops to make it work!

Heledd, you are so utterly brilliant at your job. Thank you for looking after us from such a respectful distance but always appearing at exactly the right moment. You and your team pitched everything perfectly. Thank you for making everything feel possible and nothing feel like too big of an ask. We definitely relaxed as soon as the party got started and felt like you had absolutely everything under control.

We had exactly the day that we had hoped for and know that without you this wouldn't have been the case - there really aren't many people who we've ever seen run an event quite as exquisitely as you, and as our lovely guests get in touch singing the praises of the wedding we will be sure to name drop you constantly and we really wouldn't hesitate to recommend Insole Court to anyone.

Holly & Bence, 5.11.22

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