Chairs by Dr Sally Wood

I have a thing about chairs. This means that my home was beginning to look like an antique emporium so I had to do something about it. Knowing that Insole Court was searching for period furniture, I decided to donate a pair of oak hall chairs.

The chairs had been in my family for a long time and were owned by my paternal grandparents. I remember seeing them when I was a little girl and always liked looking at them and their carved backs. 
As the families aged and moved house these chairs were searching for a new home, so I claimed them. The chairs are high backed and have wooden seats; not very comfortable to sit on but lovely to look at. 
I knew that if I donated them to Insole Court many more people would be able to enjoy them over many years to come. 
All of my family were delighted to see them go to a good home and are happy to donate them in memory of my father, Dr David Wood.
Dr. Sally M Wood

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