Promo image: In Pursuit of Maud

In Pursuit of Maud

When: Mon 14th – Sat 19th & Mon 21st – Sat 26th - 7:30pm performance

Tickets £14 (£12 for Insole Court Trust Members)

Igor is a simple soul. He lives in a castle with his mistress 'Mad' Scientist Maud, and together they do mad scientist things like generating electricity by rubbing two cats together or creating an octopus with the head of a vole. You know...normal stuff. But one day the pair attempt a brain swapping procedure between Maud and an albatross (she wanted to experience flying) and it goes horribly, horribly wrong. Maud's body escapes and heads for the hills and Igor is left alone with his beloved employer's brain floating helplessly in a jar....

In this visually beautiful cabaret style show the deranged, hilarious and deeply musical Igor will delight the audience with songs, jokes, slapstick and story. Played out in front of a magical filmed backdrop, created by Bafta award winner Chris Crow, we will travel across some of Wales most iconic landscapes as we join Igor In Pursuit of Maud. Caroline Sabin is the maker of A Curious Zoo, Blood on the Snow and Mysterious Maud's Chambers of Fantastical Truth. Since 2012 all her work has sold out for the simple reason that you will almost certainly have a jolly good time. She also sneaks in clever stuff about science. Igor is played by Rowan Talbot who grew up on stage and never fails to deliver warmth and humour along with a whole sack-full of musical tricks. Prepare for an uplifting journey of curiosity, hope and reunion suitable for everyone 12 and above.

'In Pursuit of Maud' is gratefully funded by The Arts Council of Wales

A BSL Performance is available on Thursday 17th February

Covid Passes or confirmation of a negative lateral flow test will be required upon entry to the performance


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