Light up Insole Court: Buy a Bulb

Buy A Bulb

The Insole Court Trust is privileged to care for such an incredible building with a significant history. Through our work with the local community, we know the emotional and social value this building has for those from it’s past, present, and looking forward into its future.

A Victorian Mansion house isn’t your typical eco-friendly hub, but we’re trying our best to change that. Within the house, we have over 300 individual lightbulbs that help light up Insole Court. Our Buy a Bulb Appeal is raising the much-needed funds to help us change every single one of those lightbulbs to eco-friendly, energy efficient LED bulbs. This is a huge change that will help with the carbon footprint of the house, as well as help us counteract the impact of the energy crisis.

Through your vital support, we can ensure the long-term sustainability of this majestic space, somewhere that would be nothing without the people who love and care for it.

Buy a bulb today and help us light up Insole Court.

Each bulb costs £5

Tickets are available here.

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