The Insole Court Collection

Insole Court holds a focused collection of objects and documents related to the history of Insole Court and the lives that have been intertwined with it.

Our collections are managed by a small team of volunteer researchers whose role is to catalogue and preserve the collections, to improve and refine our archiving systems, and to facilitate access to the holdings, many of which are housed in our dedicated archive room. We have a variety of interested visitors ranging from researchers to artists to members of the public who have fond memories of Insole Court from their own past.

The collections maintain a symbiotic relationship with our researchers. In addition to our main collection we have a reference collection consisting of documents accumulated by the researchers during their investigations. Researchers also enjoy the use of our dedicated archive room to further their studies. The group meets here regularly to share their new discoveries leading to future avenues of examination.

Our collection includes:

  • maps
  • plans
  • photographs and films
  • digital files
  • sound recordings
  • minutes
  • letters
  • newsletters
  • newspaper cuttings
  • postcards


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You are most welcome to visit the Insole Court Collection, but please note that appointments are essential.

Please contact us in advance at [email protected] with as much detail as possible about your area of interest so that we may forward your enquiry to the appropriate member of the team.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, diversity and accessibility are fundamental values of the Insole Court Trust.

We understand that significant barriers can exist in accessing heritage and culture and we are taking action to ensure they don’t exist here at Insole Court. We will reflect this in our business planning, communications, outreach and engagement, and our activities.

Insole Court Trust and our subsidiary, Insole Court Trading are equal opportunities employers and we will endeavour to attract diverse candidates at all levels of the organisation including staff, volunteers and trustees.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or age.

Our work is informed by The Equality Act 2010 which provides the legislative framework to achieve our goals of promoting equality of opportunity and to engage with our visitors.